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	A Frog-In-The-Well Solution:
	The Korean Peninsula Conflict
	How the RU-MAD strategy and the Taedong Gambit will bring peace and
	prosperity to North and South Koreas

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North Korea has been using its nuclear threats to bully South Korea. This works because South Korea has renounced nuclear weapons and depends on the informal and untested American nuclear umbrella. The RU-MAD strategy renders the North Korean threat irrelevant. It instantaneously transforms South Korea into a nuclear weapons state in case of nuclear attacks, without it having such weapons in normal times. RU-MAD stands for Regional Unproliferated Mutual Assured Destruction.

With its economy in shambles, North Korea depends on nuclear threats to keep itself relevant. With the RU-MAD strategy negating those threats, the conventionally obsolete North Korean military will reveal itself to also be in a shamble. The North Korean dynasty is cornered: a coup or an uprising may happen at any time. The Taedong Gambit offers a way out. It will make a smaller North Korea prosperous and enrich the dynasty for a long time without resorting to thievery.